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Our SDK enables you to add these features;
  • Update Alerts
  • Rating and Reviews
  • Bitcoin In App Purchases
  • Purchase Backups
  • Leaderboards and Tournaments
update alerts

Automatically alert your users when a new update for your app is available on appmoon. Our SDK will send users message UI with details and a link to download the newest version within your app.
rating dialog

Our rating dialog allows you to let users send a review from within your app to appmoon. Either show our popup at a convient segway in your app or add a 'rate' button to your interface.
bitcoin iaps

Our bitcoin checkout interface lets you accept bitcoin via the lightning network using BTCPayServer. You can use your own BTCPayServer or ours if you don't have one setup yet.

It's simple to step bitcoin iAPs and possible to accept bitcoin payments in a matter of a few hours work. Contact us for details.

It is not a requirement to use our bitcoin checkout code. You can use third party or your own purchasing APIs
purchase sync

When a user makes a purchase, they will want to back it up incase they need to restore it. If you setup 'purchase sync' via our SDK you can save purchases, such as extra levels, to a users appmoon. Your app will then be able to restore purchases should the user require it.

If you have a game, you can use the leaderboard feature. Let your users compete with other players and even win bitcoin with scheduled tournaments.